Campidoglio in Rome, Michelangelo's Staircase
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Roaming Historian loves to uncover the hidden histories in a city, see the sites that aren’t as frequently visited, experience new cultures and cuisines, and visit the big attractions a place is known for. Understanding the past makes for a more enriching trip. And we think the best vacations include history, food, and fun. With that in mind we set out to help our readers have the best holiday possible. Through our tips, stories, and travel recommendations, Roaming Historian helps you uncover the past, save money, see a place to the fullest, and travel with ease. Don’t miss out on a rich, cultural travel experience. Come roam with us!

Although you can find this in other spots on our website, here is our guide to the blogs we’ve written about our travels. Also, don’t miss our “Travel Tips” section—with loads of helpful tips and tricks for getting the most out of your vacation—after the regional blog list below. Happy travels!–Amy & Jon





Amalfi Coast


Rest of Tuscany




North America







Michigan Locales


New York



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We are an affiliate of the Tour Guy, a fabulous tour group that offers small-group tours in Italy, Spain, France, and England. They provide cool tours that provide a unique look at the city in which you’re traveling, so you can experience a modern, rich, cultural experience. Our readers save money on most of their small-group tours! To receive a 5% discount on most small-group tours, use our link that is embedded throughout our website.

Disclosure: Roaming Historian will receive a small commission for tours booked with our code.

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