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I love traveling with as little encumbrances as possible. There are many things I’m willing to sacrifice for the sake of traveling light—the main one being choice in clothing. For an entire month of traveling in the spring, I only pack the following clothes: two pair pajamas, one hoodie (I wear a jacket and scarf on plane if needed), one pair of pants/capris (I wear jeans on plane), two skirts, one pair shorts, seven tops (one I wear on plane), one cardigan, lingerie, and one pair of shoes (one pair I wear on plane).

Other than clothes, I bring a tablet, phone, camera, monocular, small journal, travel cribbage board (it’s a necessity for us), foldable bags/backpack, corkscrew, compression socks, sound machine, towel, washcloth, envelopes, adapter plugs (for Europe), and sunglasses/case.

But there is one category I won’t cut back on (at least not on its substance)—toiletries. I will downsize those products like they’re a retirement home, but I’m not willing to completely get rid of my beauty potions and lotions.

Here are some packing videos where I give travel tips and show how I pack so many beauty essentials in just a carry-on without taking up tons of space. Packing Toiletries in a Carry-On

Also, here’s a little video about How to Keep Cords Organized

And, here is me packing light for a professional trip in the winter: How to Pack Like a Pro:

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I hope these travel packing tips and travel videos show you how to travel light and help you create a travel checklist that makes your next vacation easy and burden-free. Happy travels!

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