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Why You Should Take a Small Group Tour

  Americans have fewer vacation days than a lot of our fellow travelers. For us, it’s even more important to capitalize on our time away and make the most of a trip. To fully experience a city and its charms, I like taking a small-group tour for a few hours. A tour offers you the… Continue reading Why You Should Take a Small Group Tour

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Eat Italy: a Guide to Dining in Italy

A trip to Italy generally means amazing Italian food. Although great Italian cuisine can be had throughout the country, mastering food etiquette takes a dining experience to the next level. Although most Italians probably wouldn’t tell me if I committed a faux pas, I feel more comfortable when I blend in. I try to be… Continue reading Eat Italy: a Guide to Dining in Italy

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WhatsApp: a Travel Tip

Travel brings me great joy, but it also takes me away from my darling dog and her loving, pooch-watching mom. For many, international travel means they don’t communicate with their loved ones back home because it's too expensive. But I talk to my mom daily and I won’t let distance change that ritual, so… Continue reading WhatsApp: a Travel Tip

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10 Tips for Cheap Travel

Traveling can be quite expensive, but when you have wanderlust you don’t let cost stand in your way. Since I don’t like to waste money, I employ travel saving tips in order for us to enjoy as many voyages as our jobs allow. Although we don’t spend tons of money, our trips never feel like… Continue reading 10 Tips for Cheap Travel

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Tips for Packing Light

I doubt anyone has ever said, “my luggage isn’t heavy enough. I should have packed more.” Who wants to feel like a pack mule while on vacation? Not this woman. Over the years, I’ve learned tricks that have allowed me to pack less. These tips have saved me a lot of unnecessary back pain and… Continue reading Tips for Packing Light