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Colosseum Underground Tour with Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

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I’ve found tours to be a great way to explore a city—as long as the guide is knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate. The Tour Guy guides are all of the above. As a history professor with almost two decades of teaching experience, I know the deepest level of learning occurs when the person conveying the message is enthusiastic and impassioned. Every Tour Guy guide I’ve roamed with has shown a true love for their city’s sites that made sightseeing memorable, fun, and educational. Plus, it’s just cool to spend time with a local!

The Colosseum has recently revamped its underground tours, so if you go with the Tour Guy today you will have a newer experience, but years ago I went on a Colosseum Underground Tour with Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with the Tour Guy for a fun-filled adventure that I can still remember vividly to this day!

For 3 ½ hours, we toured around the ancient epicenter of Rome where we saw the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine, Palatine Hill, and the Roman Forum. Our primary guide was Jowita, but at the Colosseum we were joined by Leah and each led us through various areas of the stadium where their particular expertise was useful. We descended into the underground area of the arena (hypogeum) and saw how animals and gladiators got to the stage and how the arena was flooded for naval battles. We were able to go on the arena floor where I imagined how scared gladiators must have felt standing on this vast stage surrounded by tens of thousands of bloodthirsty spectators cheering for their demise.

We passed by the impressive Arch of Constantine on our way to the peaceful and picturesque Palatine Hill. Originally home to the palatial estates of Roman nobles, their gardens and some structures still exist. Always knowing the best place for a photo opportunity, Jowita led us to a viewing area that provided aerial context of the Roman Forum. We then descended to the Forum where our guide’s experience and knowledge proved invaluable. Jowita made the Forum come alive as she verbally reconstructed ancient Rome to us. She reminded us how colorful it would have looked with different hues of marble and paint. As there are very few placards or markers in the Colosseum, on the hill, or in the Forum to denote what you are seeing, a guide frees the traveler from stumbling around the stone streets with their nose in a guidebook. Jowita contextualized everything we were seeing and told fun stories that brought the past to life.

Having been to all of these places before, I found the tour really elevated my experience and made seeing them even better. And I didn’t think that was possible, as I already adored them! I can’t stress enough how tour guide can transform your experience in the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Instead of rambling around poorly marked dusty paths wondering where you are and what happened here, you have someone to paint the picture for you and lead you around the vast grounds.

Tour Highlights

  • Restricted access to ancient stadium
  • Walk on reconstructed arena floor
  • Exclusive Colosseum underground
  • Deadly trap door & elevator
  • Be one of the first to visit newly opened areas
  • Arch of Constantine
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill
  • And much more!

Our Affiliate Link to Tour:

I cannot recommend this tour enough. It is well worth the money to have a guide and get special access to the underground of the Colosseum. If you’re going to treat yourself, this would be a place to do it. Happy travels!

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