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Weekend Travel Warrior

For one reason or another, whether it’s lack of vacation time, monetary constraints, fear of flying, global pandemic, etc., many people don’t take a proper vacation. Many of us may just have a weekend to devote to a “getaway,” but that’s okay…our short amount of time shouldn’t deprive us from taking every bit of joy from our staycation.

Sometimes tourism isn’t about going far from home, it’s about looking at our surroundings with a different lens.

For fun “weekend travel warrior” ideas, I encourage you to think outside the box:

  • Find historical hot-spots. You don’t need to roam to Rome to find places where the past is recorded and told. Look for historical museums or villages, seek out memorials or markers, drive through historic neighborhoods, or look for old churches or buildings you find architecturally appealing and make your own “architecture” tour.
  • To find historic places, I suggest picking the types of places you would like to see and doing a targeted search for them like “historic churches in Poughkeepsie” or “lighthouses near me.” Another way to find historic places, is to search the national register through the National Parks Service: Additionally, the National Register of Historic Places shows listings by state, as well as historic neighborhoods:
  • Map out other cultural venues you would like to visit, such as art museums, theaters, farmer’s markets, etc..
  • Find out what festivals or other events are going on in your city or nearby locales that weekend.
  • Get tickets to a show…even if the only “show” in your town is one from the local movie theater.
  • Eat out every meal and make reservations for at least one really special dinner.
  • If the budget permits, get a hotel room for the weekend.
  • Take lots of photos. Strike a pose all around town and have fun. Ask strangers to take your picture. It may seem silly, but this will really help you get in the spirit of being on vacation.
  • Buy a little souvenir. You can give business to a local business owner and have something to remember your “trip” by.
  • Indulge in a sweet (or five) from a local bakery, ice cream shop, or candy store. We generally treat ourselves on vacation away from home, so keep it up on this one.
  • Talk to people around you. Ask them for recommendations about where to go next. You might think you know everything about your town, and maybe you do, but you might be surprised.

I hope you have a good time exploring your town. I’ve seen some of the world’s most famous cities and they are fabulous, but sometimes we just can’t get away from home for one reason or another. In that case, I hope you find this blog helpful to have a great weekend respite from the norm. Happy hometown travels!

For history staycation ideas, see my blog: Staycation Ideas for History Buffs

Here’s me playing tourist at Gratzi in Midland, Michigan

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