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Sightseeing & Day Trips from Paris with The Paris Guy

Paris is the city of love, lights, food, art, culture, and history. To me, nothing is more romantic than strolling down historic, cobbled lanes uncovering the city’s past. The city teases you, tantalizes you, and makes you feel like you’re living in a dream. But nothing can ruin that reverie faster than standing in a long line, getting lost, or ending up eating in a tourist trap. Our friends at The Paris Guy have come up with a host of tours that allow you to enjoy the cultural treats that Paris has to offer; they take care of all the details for your Paris sightseeing adventures and make sure that you and the rest of your small group have a good time.

They recently announced their 2019 line-up and it looks spectacular, so here’s a brief overview. Although I find their prices are quite reasonable, remember that you can save more money with our code so check the bottom of this blog for details.

Evening Eiffel Tower Tour with Seine River Cruise—This tour combines a couple of my recommended Parisian adventures—climbing the Eiffel Tower and taking a cruise along the river Seine. If you’ve ever seen the lines for the tower, you will be happy this tour offers skip-the-line access. Created for the Exposition Universelle (World’s Fair) in 1889, Gustave Eiffel designed a sky-scraping, engineering marvel that would define its time. It gave the fair a needed exhibit that symbolized the Industrial Age and man’s control over nature. The Eiffel Tower is a testament to its designer, its laborers, and its time. For more about the Eiffel Tower, read my blog.

Louvre Tour—The lines to the Louvre snake through the giant courtyard where you enter this former palace, but the tour lets you skip the line and get right in to view art treasures like the Venus de Milo and the ever-alluring Mona Lisa. Visitors can see the palace’s medieval underpinnings dating from the 12th century, as well as more recent (still a few centuries old) additions. Gaze up at frescoed ceilings, descend down elaborate staircases, look out wrought-iron windows at the gardens, and see magnificent paintings, sculptures, and other works of art. For more about the Louvre, see my photo essay .

Paris Catacombs Tour—Once again, skip-the-line access will make this adventure much more fun. We’ve seen lines winding down the street with people waiting for over an hour to see the bones of the six million people lying within. Eerie passages atop the doorways, such as “Halt, this is the realm of Death,” create a macabre feeling. Once you descend down, you have about two kilometers of bones to view before ascending at the other end. An expert will guide you through the tomb.

Le Marais Food Tour—The Marais is a delightful district. It has fabulous architecture, wonderful shops, and great eateries. In all, it is pretty perfect. It’s the area where I’ve found the best Parisian food, but it helps to have a guide. Paris has a lot of tourist traps. The Paris Guy will take your small group for food and wine tasting around the Marais; you’ll enjoy the dishes the city is known for, as well as more modern additions. Bon appétit!

Versailles Palace and Garden Tour—The Palace of Versailles is a 17th century marvel not to be missed. Feast on its over-the-top décor. Fancy yourself a courtier of Louis XIV. Take the day to explore the grounds and revel in all that was pre-revolution monarchical France. The Paris Guy will take care of the train tickets and arrange for skip-the-line access to the palace, as well as a guide. For more tidbits about Versailles, read my blog.

Ready for a Parisian sightseeing adventure or a fabulous day trip from Paris? I know that I am! Bon voyage!

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