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Statue of Liberty Facts and History

A short history of the Statue of Liberty with interesting facts and information about Statue of Liberty tours.

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Packing List for Vacation

Want to travel for a month with only a carry-on? This beauty and fashion loving traveler does by making a detailed packing list. In this blog, I give you tips and a packing list for vacation with a printable checklist so you can travel light.

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Laurentian Library in Florence, Italy

A blog about the Medici library, Laurentian Library, in Florence, Italy.

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The Morgan Library NYC

Visit the Morgan Library NYC in person or through this blog. One of the finest libraries in the world, it is a can't miss location.

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Packing List-Toiletries

Tips on how to travel light while still packing all the toiletries a person needs to look and feel great.