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Milan Sightseeing: Best Milan Tours and Day Trips to Lake Como

Want to see Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” in Milan? A Tour Guy tour will allow you to gaze on the Renaissance masterpiece with ease. They have many tours to allow you to see this fashionable Italian city & eat its food! Check them out in this blog.

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Things to Do in Boston—Besides the Freedom Trail

Although I love Boston for its historical sites and fantastic food, Boston has much more to offer than the Freedom Trail. From top notch art museums to whale watching to superb shopping and more, here are my recommendations for things to do in Boston.

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Airport Wheelchair Assistance—Accessible Travel for the Mobility-Challenged

Here are some tips I’ve created based on our experiences with wheelchair assistance at US carriers. If you need more accessible travel, I highly recommend using airport wheelchair service—it makes flying painless!

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Barcelona Travel: Best Barcelona Tours and Day Trips from Barcelona

If you want to take full advantage of your Barcelona trip, consider a tour with a local Barcelona guide. These recommended Barcelona tours take you to all the best tourist attractions in Barcelona.

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Packing Videos

Here are some packing videos and packing blogs where I give travel tips and show how I pack so much in just a carry-on.