Looking to visit the best places in Italy? The Tour Guy tours will have you covered. We’ve made some great vacation memories with The Tour Guy (formerly the Roman Guy)…boating down the Grand Canal in Venice…roaming underneath Rome’s Colosseum…beholding Michelangelo’s masterful Sistine Chapel with only a small group of people. Thinking back on them brings a smile to my face, which is why I’m very excited to announce that Roaming Historian has joined The Tour Guy Friends Affiliate Program. Our readers will now save 5% on most Tour Guy small-group tours* with our link. Isn’t that awesome?!

The Tour Guy tours give travelers the opportunity to experience something they may not have been able to on their own…or without considerable expense. The guides are knowledgeable and fun and the tours take you to great places. You will feel like a VIP the whole time…especially when your group strolls past everyone in a long ticket line straight to the front.

Here are just a few experiences you could have:

  • Take a Florence walking tour & skip the line (loooong line) to see Michelangelo’s David.
  • Go on a food tour in Florence, Venice, or Rome.
  • Visit St. Mark’s golden basilica in Venice & then take a sleek boat ride throughout the city.
  • Skip the line at the Vatican Museums & gaze upon the treasures within.
  • Go under a millennia-old church & then motor over to the Appian Way for a catacombs tour.

We always have a fabulous time with them and now you can too—for less! Explore Italy’s major cities with The Tour Guy and save money with our link. Make sure you drop me a line when you get back and tell me about the great time you had. Buon viaggio!

*Most small-group tours qualify for the discount when our link is used.

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