Jewish Ghetto, Rome, Italy
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Jewish Ghetto in Rome Video

I started Roaming Historian because, like many history professors, I like to tell stories about the past. Although my students enjoyed hearing periodically about my travels, we had too much else for me to cover in our American history classes for me to wax on about Rome, Paris, Athens, and the like. So I started a travel blog, which gave me an outlet to tell my tales.

Writing about historical sites is fun, but talking about them might be even better. Even though I only managed to eke out one trip in 2020 before the pandemic hit, I have plenty of memories, stories of the past, and photos. And recently I’ve gained a whole new understanding of virtual story-telling and recording!

Today then I launch my 1st Roaming Historian vlog. I plan to take you across the ocean to Rome’s former Jewish Ghetto recounting tales from its past and boasting about is present. I hope you enjoy the ride. 

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Disclosure: Roaming Historian may derive revenue from affiliate links and other sources, which helps offset the costs of bringing you the information we do. The blogs and reviews posted on this website are of our own opinion though.

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