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Packing List for Vacation

Want to travel for a month with only a carry-on? This beauty and fashion loving traveler does by making a detailed packing list. In this blog, I give you tips and a packing list for vacation with a printable checklist so you can travel light.

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Packing List-Toiletries

Tips on how to travel light while still packing all the toiletries a person needs to look and feel great.

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Packing List: Odd Essentials I Can’t Travel Without

Packing tips to show how to pack light while including odd essentials that the Roaming Historian can't travel without.

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Packing List for Italy…What to Just Buy There

Italian restaurants maximize seating—often by placing patrons together so that a table is fully used. I love this. My husband, Jon, and I meet many people this way. Even when not seated with strangers, we frequently strike up conversation with anyone near us who has proficiency with the English language and seems amenable to a… Continue reading Packing List for Italy…What to Just Buy There

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Top 10 Things To Do Before Travel

You’ve scheduled all transportation, organized for lodging, made your employer aware you’re taking a vacation, and arranged for someone to water the plants. What do you need to do next to make sure you have a care-free vacation? Here are the top ten things you need to do before heading out the door. Call your… Continue reading Top 10 Things To Do Before Travel