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10 Travel Tips for Your Europe Trip

A blog giving 10 essential tips to help prepare for travel to Europe from North America.

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Tips for Packing Light

I doubt anyone has ever said, “my luggage isn’t heavy enough. I should have packed more.” Who wants to feel like a pack mule while on vacation? Not this woman. Over the years, I’ve learned tricks that have allowed me to pack less. These tips have saved me a lot of unnecessary back pain and… Continue reading Tips for Packing Light

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Tips for the Best Way to Pack a Suitcase

Tips for the Best Way to Pack a Suitcase You might be thinking, what does the Roaming Historian know about the best way to pack a suitcase? Doesn't she just need a tweed jacket with elbow patches, and then a leather jacket, bull whip, and fedora for when she turns into her villain-fighting alter ego?… Continue reading Tips for the Best Way to Pack a Suitcase