Our friends at The Roman Guy let us know about two new tours related to ones we went on last year when we visited the Colosseum and Vatican. You can read about those adventures in “Roaming with The Roman Guy.” With a lower price point than the full-length tours we went on, the Express Vatican Tour and Gladiator Experience Tour, sound like a great value for those who may wish for a shorter excursion. Although abbreviated, the new tours still offer the informative fun that is a hallmark of The Roman Guy.

If you haven’t been on a Roman Guy tour yet, look them up the next time you plan to be Italy. They are the coolest! Their tours take you where you want to go and show you what you need to see, all while keeping the vibe fresh and energetic. The tour leaders are knowledgeable and friendly. They’ll also help you capture great pictures with you in them (love that!). A photo of you with the Colosseum’s arena floor in the background? Priceless.

The Sistine Chapel should not be missed when visiting Rome, but if you go during regular hours it gets very crowded. Roman Guy tours offer privileged entrance affording you the opportunity to enjoy Michelangelo’s breath-taking masterpiece with an intimate group. The Roman Guy’s Express Vatican Tour lets you skip the entry line and gain privileged entrance to the Sistine Chapel. You also get a highlight tour of the Vatican Museums! Its two-hour time frame leaves you refreshed for a day of sightseeing.

Last year we went on the full Colosseum tour that let us explore many restricted areas: the hypogeum (guts of the arena), the arena floor, and the third level. We also toured the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. The Roman Guy’s “Gladiator Experience Tour” takes you around the Colosseum giving you access to the restricted arena floor (where you may have a hard time listening to the guide as you fantasize about your gladiatorial prowess). Your guide then takes you to the Roman Forum and explains this archaeological wonderland. After the visit, you’re free to explore the adjacent Palatine Hill by yourself.

The tours sound like a fun addition to this great company’s line-up. Fair prices, too.

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Express Vatican Tour

Gladiator Experience Tour

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