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Florence Photographs for Sale on Etsy

A list of Florence photographs for sale on Etsy by travel blogger and historian Roaming Historian.

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Souvenirs to Buy in Italy…or Elsewhere

Amy, the Roaming Historian, gives tips on what souvenirs to buy in Italy and other places. She also includes her 5th vlog where she shows some of the treasures she's accumulated over the years.

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Should I Take My Camera on Vacation?

Should you bring a camera on vacation? A small one or your phone, but for quality pictures later just buy online.

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Things to Do in NYC: a Photo Essay

I recently had the chance to explore Manhattan for the weekend and was once again struck by what a dream place it is for a fan of U.S. history. From Gilded Age mansions, cemeteries, palatial libraries, museums, and Beaux-Arts train stations to soaring skyscrapers and cathedrals, there is plenty of grandeur to absorb. Since a… Continue reading Things to Do in NYC: a Photo Essay

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Travel Photography Shop Now Open!

After receiving numerous compliments on our photos, Jon and I decided to open a photography shop on Etsy. Our photos represent our travels to cultural meccas around the world. Share our passion for the old world, and that of the new, with a Roaming Historian photograph! Not everyone can travel the globe, but for an… Continue reading Travel Photography Shop Now Open!