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10 Treasures of Taormina, Sicily

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but I dare any person to gaze upon Taormina, Sicily and not find it stunning. A historical feast, the city serves up Greek, Roman, Romanesque, Gothic, Arabic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture—sometimes it seems in one structure. With important cultural sites, delightful trattoria, unique boutiques, and captivating… Continue reading 10 Treasures of Taormina, Sicily


Prof Amy French is now the Roaming Historian!

Travel Through History with Prof Amy French is now the Roaming Historian!!! In order to better reflect my dual lives as a travel blogger and professional historian, I have changed the name of my website and social media accounts to the Roaming Historian. The new website is: (but don't worry if you are still… Continue reading Prof Amy French is now the Roaming Historian!


Archaeology–my first love

My first memory as a child was of an Egyptian mummified cat. I was three or four and can still vividly remember how it looked. I had lots of questions: Was it a pet? Was it from a royal family? Was it a god?  Pretty odd stuff for a little kid from a Christian, working-class… Continue reading Archaeology–my first love