Michigan Locales, North America

Frankenmuth, Michigan Travel Video

I adore taking pictures and love filming little video clips when I’m roaming about, but until now I haven’t owned a camera that was conducive to recording myself on-the-go. I finally broke down and bought a new camera that would let me easily take videos (and see what I was doing) while walking around a city. I live fairly close to Frankenmuth, Michigan so I thought I would film a little clip of the city to show off its charms and how the town celebrates its Germanic heritage and history. I’m still trying to learn the ropes of my new “toy” so please forgive some of the quality issues with the recording. I’m hoping by the next time that Jon and I are in Europe that I will have learned how to use it better. I also would like to have a wide-angle lens to add and an upgraded microphone (see I’m never happy). Oh well, for now enjoy my silly antics from “Little Bavaria.”


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