History Entrepreneur Workshop

Have you been using your academic training in an enterprising way? If not, do you want to? Through talks, consultation, media appearances, research, writing, tours, and various digital means, many historians are engaging in entrepreneurship. But they may not be monetizing their efforts! My three to four hour workshop provides a toolkit for the history entrepreneur highlighting:

  • Why historians may want to form a business (as a side venture or full-time one)
  • The value of being a history entrepreneur
  • A toolkit of how to start an enterprise

The toolkit overviews:

  • Selecting a business idea
  • Market research & startup costs
  • Creating a business plan
  • Why you may want to incorporate (protect yourself financially, reinforce professionalism, tax breaks, separate yourself from an employer, etc.)
  • People you may need on your team
  • Logistics (licensing, tax registrations, insurance, intellectual property, getting paid)
  • Marketing yourself

The workshop also includes time for individual questions (extent of individual mentoring may be limited by size of group). Your time, talent, and expertise deserve recognition—let me help you approach our profession with a financial mindset. Prices start as low as $800 + travel. Contact me at: roaminghistorian@gmail.com for a price quote.