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Work With Me

As the Roaming Historian, I love traveling the world and studying its history. Learning about different cultures is incredibly enriching and I’m always looking for a new destination to explore. Understanding the past can heighten any travel experience, so my mission is to provide my readers with background and knowledge so that they can turn their travels into rich, cultural adventures. I take my readers with me on my travels through the history of our most treasured sites, cities, and cultures. Your company can join me as we explore the past one place at a time!

How Can We Work Together?

  • Press trips
  • Reviews–(accommodations, tours, travel-related products, travel services)
  • Writing/Photography (either commissioned or licensing of works on this site)
  • Advertise on my website or through my social media channels (Please email for details and pricing.)
    • Sponsored blog posts
    • Affiliate links
    • Product giveaways
  • Travel consulting (especially about historical trips)
  • Promotion of travel sights and activities
  • Historical consulting/using digital tools
    • Historical research, writing, and consulting, including documentaries, movies, television shows, legal cases.
    • Consulting on how to use digital tools (social media, podcasts, blogs, etc.) to attract a diverse audience and broadcast history.
  • Speaking Engagements/Media Appearances
    • Speaking topics include: travel, social history, labor history, social justice, women’s history, and recording a family history.
    • As an engaging public speaker, I am available for media appearances.

Why Work with Amy French—the Roaming Historian?

I have academic credentials with a Ph.D. in history and over a decade of writing/teaching history, which provides the authority and authenticity that today’s travelers look for when considering a travel blogger’s opinion. The brief version of my curriculum vitae shows my publications, presentations given across the nation, awards, and numerous television/radio appearances. I have worked with numerous tourism boards, tour companies, hotels, and other service industry professionals.

Samples of My Work:

Roaming Historian Logistics

  • Tweet Impressions–221,000+; Twitter Followers–14,000+
  • Blog views–75,000+ (annually)
  • Google+ views–149,000+
  • Facebook  post reach–850-1200
  • #2 of “Top 20 Travel Bloggers You Should Be Following Right Now” by Foreign
  • Social media presence on: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+
  • Demographics–primary age range of readers is 25-64 with 55% identifying as male and 45% as female


Email me at: or fill out this contact form.





3 thoughts on “Work With Me

    1. I’ve been very fortunate to be a consultant and guest scholar on a documentary about immigration, as well as a frequent guest on a show about public opinion. Plus, my history department launched a weekly radio program about two years ago. I think it’s been a combination of luck and tenacity 🙂

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