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Take a Virtual Tour of Europe!

Our friends at the Tour Guy sent us an email with the headline “Social Distance Doesn’t Mean Cultural Distance.” That slogan resonated with me. Jon and I have been feeling pretty sad after having to cancel or postpone some of our travel plans for this year. I’ve been feeling like Europe and all the lovely culture its cities hold are more distant now than ever before. I’m sure many of you are experiencing the same melancholy. My heart hurts for all those who are suffering right now. Our globe is going through a tough time, so it’s natural to want to escape a little.

I’ve been using this time of being home-bound to study Italian, cook, and read history. But I crave more culture!

I’m also worried about the small-business owners we’ve befriended abroad. How are they going to survive this economic turmoil and downturn of tourism?

With all these concerns, I’ve been in a bit of a funk. And then I opened the Tour Guy’s email and found a way to:

  • Take a virtual voyage to my favorite places.
  • Help the tourism industry.
  • Break away from negative news.
  • Explore some of the world’s richest, cultural sites.

…all at a great price.

The virtual tours are hour-long experiences led by the Tour Guy’s fabulous guides.  Your whole family (or as many as can fit around a computer) can get in on the action. Prices are around $15 dollars with our link:

The Tour Guy has partnered with BigMarker’s innovative platform to offer tours with interactive features that will take you across the world from your home. Don’t miss out on armchair travel at its finest.

You can visit Rome, Florence, Paris, and the Vatican without ever leaving your home. You can see inside some of the world’s finest museums without any crowd. Use our link to peruse the tours available—at the time of publication these included:

  • Vatican and Sistine Chapel Virtual Tour
  • Ancient Rome Virtual Tour
  • Louvre Virtual Tour
  • Florence Highlights Virtual Tour
  • Eiffel Tour and Notre Dame Virtual Tour
  • Versailles Virtual Tour
  • Paris Catacombs Virtual Tour

All the tours are led by expert guides and all the proceeds go to support Tour Guy guides and team members. It’s a great opportunity to help them out while benefiting yourself. I hope you enjoy at least one virtual voyage soon. Happy “travels”!


2 thoughts on “Take a Virtual Tour of Europe!”

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this. It would really be a great help especially for someone having the same melancholy. I gotta try this. Will share this with my friends, too.

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